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Unlike early days when astrology was practiced only by sages and old human, it has now become easy to understand. Thanks to the evolving internet.

Astrology is a study about the position of the celestial bodies with respect to sun and moon and their effects on human lives. It is followed as a tradition by many individuals starting from the birth of a newborn to the time life is ended. It is a means through which the personality and future scope of an individual are predicted.

When astrology of human being is checked, they make use of horoscope. It is judged based on either moon or sun sign. The regular Zodiac sign which most of us generally see with respect to our birth date is categorized into sun sign. The experts who follow astrology to predict our future make use of moon sign.

Just like 12 months exists in a year, there are 12 signs available. For the sun to travel across all the planets, it takes about a year. He spends one month to move from one planet to another. Contrarily, the moon requires just two and a half day to travel across each planet. The predictions based on sun sign are quite generic and his or her sign can be easily known. However, based on moon sign, the predictions are quite detailed, emotional and personalized. It is calculated based on date, time and place of birth.

Evaluating astrological conditions and act accordingly is the common trait followed by most of Hindus. Depending upon this, the name of the newborn is decided. For a better future, corresponding pujas and all are performed. At any stage of life, the horoscope of any individual is evaluated to either resolve a persisting issue which might be either situational or personal. For any good action or event to take place in one’s life, people generally look for astrology to get the right time generally called muhurat. Based on the conditions of a planet, a suitable time is noted with respect to the kind of work to be executed. And such events are conducted in that specific muhurat at any cost. Generally, inauguration of anything or starting of any work is basically decided on this auspicious time.

Apart from this, astrology is checked if two individuals can be put into a marriage. A marriage is such an occasion where astrology interferes starting from making two people meet, analyzing their personalities, right time for them to get bonded. A delay in marriage is also rectified after the right findings are made.

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