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Navadurga Astro Center – Famous Astrologer in Mysore

The dependency on the astrological predictions before initiating any event is a common phenomenon in most of the hindu cultured families. It is a science of making predictions on human life, based on the positions of the celestial bodies in accordance with either the sun or moon.

Known to attract huge number of tourists during the Dussehra festival, Mysore is renowned to celebrate most of hindu festivals elegantly. We at Navadurga Astro Center, strive to evaluate the detailed horoscope of either an individual or a firm. Pandit Shri Shri B. M. Acharya Guruji is inherited with the legacy of astrology and is a renowned astrologer in southern regions of the nation. With strong expertise in the fields of horoscope, palm and face reading, we provide personalised solutions in order to have a peaceful life and get rid of any kind of issues permanently. Be it issues related to health or wealth we try and figure out the root cause and find the permanent fix. We provide constant support during the whole process of marriage, starting from checking horoscope matchmaking to deciding on the auspicious time, muhurats for conducting all the events of marriage.

With the largest clientele, we are the best astrologer of Mysore, who assure to give the best solutions and delight our customers. We strongly believe in word of mouth, thus always try to analyse and predict things only after detailed and thorough analysis.  We always predict based on the moon sign rather than the sun sign. Sun sign also called as zodiac sign is predictions done based on the position of the planets based with respect to sun. It is considered to be quite generic. As the sun takes a month to travel from one planet to another, there are about 12 Signs which are fixed with respect to days in the year.

Contrarily, the predictions are more specific when analyzed with respect to the moon. Moon travels across each planet within two and a half days. And so the result of this prediction is quite unique and more particular to the person. We at our astrology center in Mysore, make use of this method to do the horoscope reading and devise the accurate solutions.  We also evaluate your conditions and troubles based on palm and face reading. This is a process to do definite analysis and derive with the permanent rectification.

We shall be pleased to serve with our expertise and focus to improve always.