Role of Astrology During Marriages


Hindu ceremonies are not conducted without consultation for the auspicious timings. Marriages are considered one of the biggest ceremonies. It is an important decision to be made to choose an alliance for lifetime. This decision is very important as it can either make up the lives of two or can also destroy not only two lives but two families altogether. There is an extra care always taken while fixing ones marriage. Then arises the need of a superior power which helps in backing the human decision.

Astrologers try to track the then position of the celestial bodies when both the boy and a girl who are supposed to get married are born. With the help of time and place of the birth, a detailed chart with various requirements are calculated and matched. Based on various pre-requisites, a total of 36 points are calculated. Out of this, when both the horoscopes are combined to yield a result of above 18 points, it is considered to be a good match.

There shall be some cases, when target points are not met, yet there is liking with each other. In such cases, with detailed analysis our experienced astrologer at our Astrocenter, suggests astrological methods and techniques to combat the after affects and enjoy a successful marriage. Certain methods may include either changing the name of the girl or performing some pujas and many more.

If this is all before marriage, there can be issues even after marriage. At some instances, there can be broken marriages. We try our best to resolve marriage issues astrologically. We wish for everyone to have a blissful marriage and personally cannot see it breaking. We try to analyse all kinds of issues and not only avoid divorce but also have healthy and happy marriage life.

With strong expertise and inherited lineage of astrology, we provide astrological solutions to any kind of personal or professional issues.